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Customer to Customer (C2C)

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Customer to Customer (C2C), sometimes known as Consumer to Consumer, E-Commerce involves electronically-facilitated transactions between individuals, often through a third party. One common example is online auctions, such as Ebay, where an individual can list an item for sale and other individuals can bid to purchase it. Auction sites normally charge commission to the sellers using them. They act purely as intermediaries who match buyers with sellers and they have little control over the quality of the products being offered, although they do try to prevent the sale of illegal goods, such as pirate CDs or DVDs.

Another popular area for customer to customer transactions is online classified advertising sites, such as Craigslist and Gumtree. Major online retailers like Amazon also allow individuals to sell products via their sites.

C2C is expected to increase in the future because it minimises the costs of using third parties. However, it does suffer from some problems, such as lack of quality control or payment guarantees and there can sometimes be difficulties in making credit-card payments.

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