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Customer to Business (C2B)

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Customer to Business (C2B), sometimes known as Consumer to Business, is the most recent E-Commerce business model. In this model, individual customers offer to sell products and services to companies who are prepared to purchase them. This business model is the opposite of the traditional B2C model.

C2B has come about as a result of two major changes. Unlike traditional media, which are unidirectional, the Internet is bidirectional, making this type of relationship possible. In addition, the decline in the cost of technology means that individuals now have access to technologies such as powerful computer systems, audio and video capture systems and other digital technologies that were once the exclusive province of large companies.

Elance was one of the first web sites to offer this type of transactions. It allows sellers to advertise their skills and prospective buyers to advertise projects. Similar sites such as Peopleperhour and Guru work on the same basis.

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