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Worldpay website screenshotThis company offers a complete payment system to online merchants and operates throughout Europe, North America and Asia. The system can handle single and multi-currencies, credit and debit cards, micropayments and business to business (B2B) transactions.

This is one of the most secure systems available, offering high security with the option of digital certification. WorldPay offers a range of payment solutions:

  • CurrencyPay - full processing of credit and debit cards. Payments in 16 currencies. Customer sees exact price in own currency. Automatically updates exchange rates on customers' web sites.
  • LocalPay - secure transactions in single currency. Linked to a number of bank processing systems to ensure merchant receives funds in shortest possible time.
  • Micropayments - allows payments in smallest denomination of currency from anyone with valid credit or debit card.
  • BusinessPay - used for high value items in B2B transactions. A master account is set-up with any number of trading accounts to allow business to sell to distributors. A credit limit is set for each customer using the master account. Each customer has their own trading account which is used to transfer funds when purchase made.

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