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Electronic Security Systems

SECURITY (c) Ossile | Dreamstime.comAny business that wishes to trade on the Internet must be able to convince consumers and other businesses that there are benefits to online trading. These benefits could be lower prices, guarantees of quality products or services, and low consumer risks. E-Commerce businesses, in particular, have to be especially careful about these issues since consumers have major concerns about online trading and about sending credit card details over the Internet to unfamiliar companies.

Every business must ensure adequate levels of security for itself, as well as for its clients and customers. The Internet can provide higher levels of customer security than the traditional retail outlets in the high street. Nevertheless, it is still a matter of great concern to the vast majority of would be online consumers.

Any business that is contemplating an E-Commerce move to the Internet, or one that already has a presence, can enhance its security features to enable it to increase its own confidence and, as a consequence, extend that security confidence to its customers. The main factors for consideration are:

  1. The means of ensuring security when payments are being made
  2. The available forms of encryption that can be employed on the website
  3. How websites can be protected from attack.

The crux of traditional IT security has been about keeping company data safe from outsiders but with e-business this is not the case - it's now about enticing outsiders in - and this is where the security becomes more complex!

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