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Activity 2.15


File Attributes

Create a new text file either by creating it in Microsoft Notepad or by selecting File | New | Text document from within Windows explorer. Right click this file and select Security. If the Security tab is not present then close the Property window and open Folder options in the Control panel. On the View tab, under Advanced settings, untick Use simple file sharing, Then right click the file and select permissions.

You will see a list of all people and groups who have access to the file and below a list of permissions for the highlighted group. The creator and all administrators will have full control of the file while others may only have read access. These permissions can be allowed or denied. Care must be taken because if you deny access then no access will be given even if other rights are assigned to that use from a group. For example, denying read access to Fred will stop Fred being able to read the file even though Fred belongs to the Sales department who are allowed to access the file. As the creator you can remove the administrator group from your list but if you do then your files will not be backed-up as it requires an administrator to run it.

Alter the attributes of the file created above using both the Permission tab and the attrib command, checking that the changes in the permissions are displayed in both cases.

The file attributes should be altered as appropriate.Check your answer

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