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OS Updates

Security is one of the main differences between Windows NT and Windows 98. With Windows 98 you can cancel the log-on screen and still get access to the computer (but not to any shared drives). However, with Windows NT you must provide the correct password for an account that is stored on the computer or domain. The log-on sequence begins by the user pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete, the key combination that is typically used to warm start the PC. After you've logged on, pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete displays the Windows NT Security dialogue box.

Windows NT supports RAID (Redundant Array of Independent (or Inexpensive) Disks) on SCSI drives. RAID is a high-availability, high-reliability, data-redundancy feature that is usually reserved for servers.

The table below compares the technical features of Windows NT and Windows 98.

Component Windows 98 Windows NT 4.0
Minimum RAM 16 MB 32 MB
Minimum hard drive 80 MB 100 MB
Minimum CPU 486/66 MHz Pentium/100 MHz
Networking NetBIOS NetBIOS
File system FAT16/FAT32 FAT16/NTFS

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