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Installing Windows 2000 (Part 2)

Reboot your computer with the Windows 2000 CD-ROM. If booted from a floppy disk run winnt.exe which you will find in the i386 directory on the CD-ROM.

The first stage of the installation will take place. Files from the CD will be loaded and you will be given the opportunity to load third-party drivers for any SCSI drives.

On completion, you will then be presented with the options on where you want to install Windows 2000. The same options as with Windows 98 are available to you and you also have the choice of file system you want to use.

Once the drive has been formatted, the system files will be copied to your computer and the computer will reboot for the installation of all the devices. You will need to provide the drivers being requested. You will also be asked for the password for the administrator's account. This account must be used when installing software or maintaining the hardware. You can create other accounts that can be administrators for individual computers but you should only do this if the computer is in a remote location. On no account should anyone, including you, use the administrator's account for general use.

Depending on the configuration of you computer, the computer may reboot during the installation. On completion you will be asked to log on. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL and enter administrator and the password and click OK. You may be asked for other drivers at this point as Windows 2000 checks to see if new hardware has been installed every time that it is started. Again adding external devices such as a new printer can cause Windows 2000 to prompt you for drivers. You may also need to modify the screen settings.

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