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Decoding the Beeps

Every BIOS has one beep code in common, which is a single beep tone to indicate the end of the POST sequence. The rest can vary but as a general rule the following codes should assist in diagnosing the problem. Refer to the motherboard manual for exact codes.

Common POST beep codes

Beep(s) Problem
0 The problem is most likely power related. Make sure that the PC is plugged into an AC power source. If it is, check to see whether the motherboard is getting power. You should have an illuminated LED on the front of the system casing to indicate power is getting to the motherboard. No light, no power, but open up the computer and check that the lights on the motherboard itself are not lit. The cable to the external light might not be connected.
1, 2 or 3 Normally a memory fault. Re-seat any newly added memory, or replace the memory with known good chips.
4, 5, 7 or 10 Motherboard problem - hard to fix; replace or return if under warranty.
6 Keyboard fault - not present or faulty.
8 Video/graphics card problem - re-seat in slot but also run a memory check on the card.
9 BIOS fault.

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