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Customer Care

Things to look out for when resolving faults:

  • Is the PC attached to a wall socket, plug strip, surge suppressor or UPS?
  • How many devices are sharing the electrical supply?
  • Is the environment dust free and otherwise clean?
  • Is it humid or overly dry?

These may help to identify what is causing the problem but first talk to the user. Ask the user:

  • When did the problem first happen?
  • Did you add hardware or software to the PC just before the problem appeared?
  • Can you re-create the problem?
  • Did smoke come out of the PC or monitor?

When dealing with a user directly, always be courteous, concerned, considerate, conscientious and cooperative, and listen to them.

You should create your own fault reporting form so that your users can record the problem as it happens. Depending on the system you use to record these faults, you can build up a fault history for each computer/device.

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