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Protecting the Environment

Environmental protection measures and procedures

PC batteries, such as the lithium battery that provides power to the CMOS memory, shouldn't be disposed of in either fire or water. Batteries should be disposed of according to local restrictions and regulations covering the disposal or recycling of all batteries. Leaking batteries should be handled carefully. Make sure that you don't get the electrolyte, the liquid on the inside of the battery, in your eyes.

A monitor contains the following contaminants: solvents and solvent vapours, metals (including a very high level of lead), photoresist materials, de-ionised water, acids, oxidisers, phosphor, ammonia, aluminium, carbon slurry and a long list of other chemicals and caustic materials.

For this reason, a monitor shouldn't just be thrown in the bin. The best way to discard a monitor is through a disposal service that handles computer equipment.

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