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Project Brief: Example

A family plumbing business called "Leaky Pipes?" want an interactive web presence to advertise their plumbing business. It is intended that the site be commercial and educational.

There are two brothers and one sister in the company and each have different ideas about what should be included in the web site. They all agree that they want more than just a static web presence on the Internet and that they would like the site to have some interactivity.

They think that a good way to attract users to their plumbing site would be to have an educational aspect to it. Dempster, the eldest brother, is interested in making small mini videos with him carrying out simple plumbing maintenance tasks. He is very interested in health and safety. Miquel, the youngest brother wants the site to have a page with a list of simple plumbing maintenance tips including what to do in emergency before a plumber arrives. The advice and videos given will only show how to carry out simple plumbing maintenance with the view of users finding the site in a search and then contacting the business for quality plumbing work. The sister, Laurietta, wants an on-line quotation form for plumbing work that will allow a user to complete it and then submit it for general quotes and an e-mail facility for more complicated quotes. At the moment there is no need for an e-commerce facility.

The company logo used should contain the company name and a colourful image of a plumber.

The users to be targeted would be anyone who would be likely to require dependable and reasonably priced plumbers.

All three of the partners have asked for the completed web site to be ready in four months time.

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