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Tips and Warnings

Remember to do the following:

  • Make sure the path to the links is accurate. For example, if the file is in a sub-folder called images, as in the above example, the path (or source, hence src) must point to the correct location, src="images/mypic1.gif", otherwise the image can't be displayed. This is also true for hyperlinks.
  • Check your spelling, in particular filenames and their extensions.
  • Check you are using the correct quotation marks, double ("), not single (') (and sometimes your text editor might change the quotes when you cut and paste). Make sure you have both opening and closing quotation marks, e.g. "My Picture".
  • Check your ending and closing tags to make sure they pair off where necessary, e.g. check for problems such as <title>My Website</title, where there is no closing bracket (>).
  • Use American spellings, e.g. color, rather than colour; center, rather than centre.
  • Remember to save your file with the extension .htm or .html.
  • Finally, test, test, test and re-test.

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