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Self-Assessment Questions (SAQs) 9


Client-Side Scripting

Define what is meant by client-side scripting (or browser scripting).

The script is executed and run from the browser on the workstation.Check your answer



Why might you use a scripting language on your website?

To provide dynamic and interactive web pages. Check your answer



What are the tags used to enable scripts?

.Check your answer



What does DHTML stand for?

Dynamic HyperText Markup Language.Check your answer



What is the code to enable a JavaScript?

<script type="text/javascript"> </script>.Check your answer



What is SQL used for?

Advanced searches for information held on databases.Check your answer



What is an API and give an example of an API used for connecting to online databases.

Application Program Interfaces (APIs) allow the creation of additional enhanced features (plug-ins) to be added to a program by other programmers. Examples of APIs include Google or PayPal.Check your answer



What is XML used for?

To create new tags to hold and display information.Check your answer



What are ASP files?

ASP (Active Server Pages) runs on servers that have IIS installed. ASP is interpreted or executed on the server. It is similar to HTML but can contain HTML, XML and other scripting languages within it. ASP code cannot be viewed from the browser directly; it has to be passed to the ASP engine on the server first, where it is converted to HTML for the browser.Check your answer


Style Sheets

What are style sheets used for?

Style sheets are files that contain information about how web pages should be displayed. If all the web pages in a website refer to the style sheet for information on how the browser should display the pages, you only have to change the style sheet to change the look of the website.Check your answer


CGI scripts

What are CGI scripts?

CGI (Common Gate Interface) files are written in programming languages such as PERL, C and C++. CGI scripts will run when called from a web page and are typically used to create web counters to keep track of the number of visitors to a site, guest books and forms to gather information from visitors, or simply to display information.Check your answer

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