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Website Security

It is very common for websites to be illegally accessed and the content changed; after all, most websites are protected only by a login name and password. Hackers use tools that will replicate commonly used names and passwords until they have cracked the code. Once into your website, they can easily edit your content. Below are some guidelines for password protection. Passwords should be:

  • a minimum of eight characters in length;
  • complex enough to stop people from working them out, for example, '3ty67$rz', is better than 'football' for a sport enthusiast;
  • changed frequently, so hackers don't get a chance to narrow down their search;
  • kept safe - don't tell anyone your password or let them see you type it in;

Hackers may even redirect your website address so that it points to a different website. Websites can also have their performance affected by unwanted traffic slowing down response times.

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