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Web Host

Although most perceived hacked websites are in fact due to badly written code, this is still a real problem. To help stop hackers, it is important that you choose a reliable web host. A web host is a company who will provide a web server on which you can load your web pages and construct your website. A good web host will allow you to monitor your web traffic, and test your performance and vulnerability. They will also monitor the security of their own servers. There are a number of different methods used to secure websites, here are a few of them:

  • Advanced access authentication: protocols (rules) used to authenticate a user before allowing a connection.
  • Encrypted logins and passwords: a method used to code ID credentials.
  • Secure certificates: encrypted authentication certificates.
  • Blocking and filtering unwanted traffic through ports: Internet connections open many ports for a large number of services, most of which we don't use or that can be used by unwanted traffic.
  • Disabling FTP when you don't have to upload new files to your site: by disabling a service when not in use you increase security because no one else (hackers) can use it either.

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