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Self Assessment Questions (SAQs) 10


Internet Security

List four problems with Internet security on your computer.

Any of the following: hackers, spyware, virus, adware, pop-ups.Check your answer



What is a hacker?

Someone who illegally gains access to a system, to gain information, cause damage, spy or simply annoy.Check your answer


Web Site Performance

Why would large images on the website slow down its performance?

Large images tend to also be large in size. Therefore it takes longer to download to someone's desktop. If you have a 1 Mbps connection and the file is 64 Kb, it will download quickly; however, if the file is 2 Mb in size, it will take longer. Check your answer


Web Hosts

What is a web host?

A web host is a company that allows you to load your web pages onto their server so that you can construct a website. Hence a web host.Check your answer


Securing a Web Site

Name three methods of securing your website.

Certificates, encryption, blocking unwanted traffic through ports.Check your answer

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