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Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act

The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 is sometimes referred to as RIP or RIPA.

The Regulations of Investigatory Powers Act is UK legislation covering the interception of communications. It was introduced to take account of technological changes such as the growth of the Internet and the development of strong encryption. It also places other methods for monitoring computer users on a legal setting.

The long title of the Act is

"An Act to make provision for and about the interception of communications, the acquisition and disclosure of data relating to communications, the carrying out of surveillance, the use of covert human intelligence sources and the acquisition of the means by which electronic data protected by encryption or passwords may be decrypted or accessed; to provide for the establishment of a tribunal with jurisdiction in relation to those matters, to entries on and interferences with property or with wireless telegraphy and to the carrying out of their functions by the Security Service, the Secret Intelligence Service and the Government Communications Headquarters; and for connected purposes."

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