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OSPF Features

OSPF has the following features:

  • It is effectively loop-free, having a maximum hop metric of 65,535
  • It can load balance network traffic between multiple paths of the same metric value
  • It supports authentication using passwords and other methods
  • It converges quicker than RIP since routing updates are sent immediately instead of periodically
  • It uses less bandwidth since transmission take place only when routing changes occur
  • It supports the logical grouping of network segments into areas (see the "Autonomous System" section below)
  • It announces routes outside of an autonomous system within the autonomous system so that it can calculate costs to reach outside networks
  • Since OSPF announces subnet masks, it supports CIDR , VLSM (Variable Length Subnetting), Supernetting (used to aggregate Class C networks) and non-contiguous network segments

You can add OSPF routing by following the same steps as given above to to add RIP except fbat you should choose Open Shortest Path First instead of RIP.

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