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Objects, Counters and Instances

System Monitor offers several ways to add objects, counters, and instances to its list of monitored items. You can add counters by:

  • clicking the plus sign (+) on the icon bar
  • pressing Ctrl+I on the keyboard
  • right-clicking the right (details) pane in any view and selecting Add Counters

If you want to both add and remove counters, you can right-click the details pane in any view, select Properties and click the Data tab.

To see the detailed steps for adding counters, click the link below:

Adding Counters

To remove counters from System Monitor, select the counter that you want to remove at the bottom of the details pane and press the Del key on the keyboard.

You can also remove counters as follows:

  1. Right-click the details pane and select Properties.
  1. Select the Data tab.
  1. Select the counter (or counters) that you want to delete from the Counters list box.
  1. Press the Remove button.

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