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Project management is the discipline of managing a series of tasks within a given amount of time and within a budget

This Unit is designed to develop an understanding of the concepts and principles and the boundaries and scope of project management with emphasis on issues and problems faced by managers of projects. The Unit also offers the candidate the opportunity to develop a project schedule using project management software to demonstrate how the use of such software can assist a project manager to deal with these particular issues and problems when managing projects.

Project management plays a large role in the development of a wide range of organisational requirements, eg government, construction, engineering, medicine, and especially, in computing and information technology. This Unit is intended to provide candidates with the pre-requisite knowledge and skills required to conduct and manage a project. Candidates should acquire knowledge about the fundamental issues and problems of project management, as well as gain skills in the use of project management techniques. This may include the use of project management software solutions.

Wikipedia has a comprehensive Introduction to Project Management .

In this first section we consider the terminology and definitions used in Project Management, and introduce the issues involved in the managing of projects, as distinct from the issues of conventional management. You should become familiar with relevant terminology and make use of it in describing project management.

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