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Organisational Skills

Project managers must be able to understand the internal functioning of an organisation and know how it achieves its specific objectives. This is particularly important in public sector organisations which are often riddled with bureaucracy and the need to go through multiple levels of approval.

They should also be skilled in personal organisation, as they may be required too to keep track of requirements and design documents, contracts, schedules, personnel records, project reports, communication records (including e-mail), hiring history, meetings and status reports.

They must also be able to work with and develop teams and create appropriate environments with the aim of achieving common objectives. The effort spent motivating a team to perform at its peak is always worthwhile. The four critical components are rewarding achievements, providing feedback, recognising strengths and providing challenges.

Team leadership is seldom easy. It is difficult to persuade your team to go with your idea without making them feel that the idea is being thrust on them. The team looks to the Project Manager to provide direction and vision. To achieve this successfully the project manage must constantly enhance his/her breadth and depth of knowledge.

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