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The Initiation Phase involves defining the purpose and scope of the project, the justification for undertaking it and the solution to be implemented. It also involves recruiting the project team and carrying out a Phase Review, before proceeding to the next stage.

  • A Business Case is developed, describing the business problem to be addressed by the project, the alternative solutions and the potential costs and benefits associated with each. The Business Case is foundation for the project as it fully describes the project, the reasons for creating it and the key benefits to be produced.
  • A Feasibility Study is then completed to ascertain the likelihood of the alternative solutions actually delivering the stated benefits in the Business Case. This is used to identify the preferred solution, which must be approved before proceeding.
  • The Terms of Reference describe what the project intends to achieve and the boundaries within which it must achieve it. This includes the project vision, objectives, scope, deliverables, project organisation and an Implementation Plan.
  • Once the project is defined, it is time to appoint the Project Team. The Project Manager is recruited to take on responsibility for the project and recruit the remaining members of the team.
  • Finally, a Phase Review is carried out to ensure that all of the required activities have been completed and to provide formal approval to proceed to the next phase of the project.

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