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Creating a Resource Plan

The first step is to produce a detailed list of all the individual resources needed to complete the project. Start by listing each of the major resource groups (eg: Labour, Equipment and Materials), then list the individual components of each group.

  • Labour: identify all the roles responsible for or involved with the completion of any activity specified in the Project Plan. Remember to include any external or contract staff that will be brought in for specific tasks.
  • Equipment: identify all the equipment which will be needed to complete the project, eg: office equipment (PCs, photocopiers, mobile phones etc.), telecommunications equipment (cabling, switches etc.) and machinery (heavy and light machinery).
  • Materials: consumables (eg: photocopy paper, stationery, ink cartridges) are often needed to complete project activities. Other materials (eg: wood, steel and concrete) may be needed to produce physical deliverables. Draw up a detailed list of all the materials required to complete the project. This should be as accurate as possible, since it will be used to produce the Resource Schedule and Expense Schedule.

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