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Notice of Meeting

Let everyone involved know that you are requesting a meeting for a particular reason, and give them the date, time and location for this. This is known as a Notice of Meeting and can take the form of a memo, letter, poster and/or email communication.

Example Notice of Meeting in Memo format:


To: Ima Member, Mia Swell, From: Teem Player

Joy Ninginn

Subject: New group project Date: 14 February 2004

The group project is about to be launched. A meeting will be held on 01 March 2004 at 10am in meeting room 2 to decide what our starting point is.

Please circulate all Concept Study Reports prior to the meeting and come prepared both to discuss these and to volunteer for individual tasks.

Activity 8

Study the example Agenda given, and design a Notice of Meeting for this in the format of an A4 poster for a notice board.

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