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Activity 6

Let's try another example. Given the scenario and level 0 diagram below, create the level 1 diagram as appropriate:

When FlashIT are interviewing and selecting new employees for their company, they ask applicants to send their application forms and their CVs to personnel. The personnel department then checks these forms for completeness and, if found to be complete, they are stored in the applications file. Otherwise these forms are returned to applicants for resubmission.

The applications are then scrutinised for possible interviewees. Any candidates not considered suitable for the post are sent a refusal letter. Suitable candidates are requested to come in for interview. After interviews have taken place, a decision on the most suitable candidate is taken and they are offered the post. The interviewees who have been unsuccessful are sent a refusal letter.

Activity 6 DFD

The final stage in data flow modelling is to take each Level 1 Function and break it down into its constituent parts. These parts are the fundamental Processes which make up the function.

We apply exactly the same rules as we did when converting from Level 0 to Level 1.

Try this yourself and compare your answers with others in your group, if possible.

The answer is given on the next page, but don't look at it until you've tried to answer yourself.

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