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Activity 9

In this exercise you will be asked to identify a set of potential entities in a simple business scenario. This should help you to understand and appreciate the entity identification process better.

Read the following case study. Study this information carefully and see if you can identify the entities - remember that entities are things about which data will be stored. Make your own list of those things that you think are likely to be entities, before looking at the answers and seeing if you were correct. Then see if you can identify some attributes of each entity.

Cardonald Cameras is an independent retailer of cameras, video cameras and accessories. The owner is both the shopkeeper and manager, and he purchases a variety of products from a number of different suppliers. He can check on different suppliers' wholesale and recommended retail prices with reference to their price lists, as shown.

Price List

During a normal day several customers will enter the shop and a number of them will buy one or more of the products on sale. At some stage the owner may decide that one or more product lines need to be re-ordered, following a visual stock-take. He will then consult the latest suppliers' price lists to see who is offering the best deals on given product lines.

Following this, he will ring one or more of the suppliers to order some of their products. At the same time he will also keep a record of the orders that have been placed with each supplier on a separate sheet of paper. These records are used to verify incoming orders and invoicing details.

The answer is given on the next page, but don't look at it until you've tried to answer yourself.

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