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Business Connections to ISPs

Many businesses require higher bandwidth connections to the Internet than the typical home user. They therefore need high bandwidth links to their chosen ISP. The most common current connection methods are

High Speed Digital Subscriber Lines

These are high speed communication channels over copper wires used in plain old telephone systems. They can support multiple data types such as high definition TV signals and Internet access. Current specifications can exceed 100Mbits/s in both upstream and downstream directions simultaneously.

Optical Carrier Lines

Fibre optic cable can support very high data transmission rates using synchronous optical networking (SONET). Current standards theoretically can support data transmission rates of up to 160,000Mbits/s. They can be used to transmit multiple data types such as television signals, digitally encoded voice and Internet connections.

High Speed Ethernet Lines

High speed Ethernet can be run over both copper cable and fibre. They are commonly used for backbone networks and can be used to connect to ISPs. They can also support audio and video using technologies such as voice over Internet.

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