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PC Passport

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PC Passport

PC Passport is a suite of IT user tools that offers all the basic computer skills of surfing the internet, sending e-mails, word-processing and spreadsheets. Completion of the course gains an award from SQA. The course is available at further education colleges, training providers and schools throughout Scotland. PC Passport qualifies for funding for Individual Learning Accounts (ILAs) available for anyone aged 18 or over living in Scotland.

For learners…

Through a partnership with Microsoft, SQA’s PC Passport scheme harnesses IC3 and Microsoft Office Specialist certifications in order to deliver the qualification.

Download the PC Passport with Microsoft Certification Overview [pdf]

For Centres…

PC Passport is on the list of SQA’s 'automatically approved' Courses, which means that most SQA centres can offer it. Most centres which are set-up to deliver 'ordinary' IT qualifications should have no problem delivering PC Passport. Centres will require a range of applications (word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and database software)

Download a Centre Guide to PC Passport with Microsoft [pdf]

Find our more about teaching, assessing and entering candidates for PC Passport.

Link to SQA PC Passport curriculum pages...

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