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If the SVQs listed here do not meet your needs, please refer to the Decision List on the UKCG page in the Accreditation section of our website. Clicking on the Decision List will give you a list of all standards development projects approved by the UKCG. The decision list also shows those National Occupational Standards, qualification structures and assessment strategies approved by UKCG. SQA will be happy to discuss developing these into an SVQ if there is evidence of market support.

Publications for SVQs in the following areas are listed on their own page:

CARs and portfolios

The CAR (Candidate's Achievement Record) is used by a Workplace Assessor to keep a record of a candidate's progress. It details what the candidate has to achieve within each Element of each Unit of an SVQ.

A portfolio is another recording system, and contains loose-leaf support and recording material in an A4 ringbinder. The shell portfolio (see below) can be used for any SVQ and does not contain a set of standards. Dedicated portfolios are specific to an SVQ and include standards.

CARs and dedicated portfolios are available for many SVQs and are listed under the relevant subject areas above. If you don't see the CAR or portfolio you are looking for in the list, it may still be available if it is for an SVQ in its completion period - phone SQA's Business Development & Customer Support Team on 0303 333 0330 or e-mail for any further assistance.

Shell portfolio
Generic document requires insertion of standards.
£15.00, SH00010

To order any of the publications listed, contact SQA's Business Development & Customer Support Team quoting the publication code. You can order any of our publications by credit card, Delta or by Switch.

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