Other Qualifications

This section lists publications about other qualifications. There is an alphabetical list of publications about qualifications in particular vocational areas.


Supporting the Care Sector
Leaflet explaining Care Scotland, what services and qualifications are on offer, and who is involved.
Free, FD4282, May 2009

Information Technology

Internet Safety
Leaflet for the SQA qualification FOH5 10 Internet Safety which is intended for anyone who regularly uses the internet and wants to protect themselves while they're online. It's particularly suitable for young people, small businesses and online shoppers. It has been developed in collaboration with a number of external partners (including BT, Microsoft and Strathclyde Police).
Free, BD3856 June 2007

PDA Guidance

The following guidance documents have been finalised and published.

A Guide to Professional Development Awards: from inception to implementation (264 KB)
This guide covers the process for developing and validating Professional Development Awards (PDAs), using the revised design principles approved by SQA's Qualification Committee. These procedures should be used when SQA manages the development and validation process, including where the centre involved does not have devolved responsibility for the validation of SQA qualifications. Centres with devolved responsibility for validating PDAs may choose to use guidelines of their own.
Free, DA3445, November 2006

Using National Occupational Standards in the development of SQA Group Awards (667 KB)
This guide is designed to assist anyone who is developing and reviewing SQA Group Awards. It provides useful background information on National Occupational Standards (NOS) and their development. It also provides guidance on how NOS relate to qualification development and practical advice on how to use NOS in the development of Group Awards.
Free, DA3337, November 2006

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