SfW Experiences

Please click on an image below to listen to Skills for Work experiences from the pilot, or click on a speaker's name to download a transcript of the sound clip in PDF format. GRAPHIC: PDF icon

PHOTO: Ian Somerville.
Ian Sommerville (10 KB)
Head Teacher,
Clyde Valley High School
PHOTO: Hannah Barnes.
Hannah Barnes (9 KB)
Portree High School
PHOTO: Peter MacDonald.
Peter MacDonald (10 KB)
MacDonald Bros. Ltd, Portree
PHOTO: Sheila McWilliams.
Sheila McWilliams (9 KB)
PHOTO: Judith McClure.
Judith McClure (11 KB),
Head Teacher,
St. George's School for Girls
PHOTO: Jason Meacher.
Jason Meacher (9 KB)
Glenwood High School
PHOTO: Navita Pahuja.
Navita Pahuja (9 KB)
St George's School for Girls
PHOTO: Fraser Durie.
Fraser Durie (9 KB)
Adam Smith College
PHOTO: Simon Cameron.
Simon Cameron (10 KB),
South Lanarkshire Council
PHOTO: Hugh McCafferty.
Hugh McCafferty (10 KB),
Construction Industry
Training Board
PHOTO: Robert Connolly.
Robert Connolly (9 KB)
PHOTO: Barham Brummage.
Barham Brummage (9 KB)
Broxburn Academy
PHOTO: Laura Shishoda.
Laura Shishodia (10 KB),
St. George's School for Girls
PHOTO: Jane French.
Jane French
Clyde Valley High School
PHOTO: Robert Collison.
Robert Collison (10 KB),
Claremont High School
PHOTO: Ian Simpson.
Ian Sampson (10 KB),
Inverkeithing High School
PHOTO: John Kane.
John Kane (10 KB)
Glasgow's Vocational Programme