Your induction process at SQA

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Induction at SQA

Induction represents the start of good practise in SQA.  It establishes the framework for good employee involvement, equal opportunites and effective training and development.

What is induction for?

The induction programme has to provide all the information that new employees need, and are able to assimilate, without being overwhelming or diverting them from the essential process of integration into a team. Induction programmes should also be prepared for those returning from a prolonged business absense.

The purpose of induction is to ensure the effective integration of staff into or across the organisation for the benefit of both parties. Research has shown that tailor-made programmes increase staff retention.

Local induction

Each individual will have a personalised induction programme. The basis of a successful induction is the understanding that induction is the responsibility of the immediate Line Manager of the new colleague.

A number of people are involved with the induction process: the inductee, the members of the inductee’s team, HR/OD, the buddy, the immediate Line Manager and the senior Line Manager.

The role of HR is to support Line Managers by providing induction resources and events. They are also responsible for evaluating the training.