What ESOL Teachers and Tutors say

'The Biology course our students are following lends itself beautifully to some of the ESOL assessments.'

Mrs Knapp, Head of Faculty of Science, St Roch's Secondary School, Glasgow

'ESOL offers great opportunities to our pupils.'

Mrs Ross, Acting PT for Raising Attainment, St Roch's Secondary School, Glasgow

'ESOL allows our pupils to demonstrate their abilities.'

Dr Hassan, PT EAL Unit, St Roch's Secondary School, Glasgow

'Teaching ESOL courses will let us teach what the students really need.'

Mr Dolan, EAL teacher Cleveden Secondary, Glasgow

'It means a lot to people. It helps people feel they have achieved something.'

Frances Logan, ESOL Tutor, Rosemount Lifelong Learning, Glasgow

'The students managed well with the assessments as we were able to do lots of small assessments instead of one, very difficult exam. If a student failed an assessment, they could do more practice then try again.'

Robin Ashton, Langside College, Glasgow

'If you have been educated in another language and are now in a Scottish Secondary school, the ESOL Course can help you to improve your English language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing). Learning English takes a long time; as you pass each ESOL Unit you can see your progress. This skills you learn and the progress you make give you the confidence to participate in school life.'

Gill Aitchison, Morgan Academy, Dundee

'SQA ESOL Units help our students to understand at what step they are along the  road of English language learning. They are an obvious pointer of progression and achievement for students, lecturers and employers alike.'

Janet Breckon, ESOL Tutor, Stevenson College, Edinburgh

'From my point of view as an ESOL tutor, the internal assessments fit in smoothly and flexible to the 40-hour programme we offer. The students seem to enjoy the lessons and feel that the assessments offer them a challenge and something to aim towards at the end of the programme. As a result, motivation is high. There is also a sense of coherence and continuity when learners go on the study other related units at the same of a higher level.'

Gillian Scott, Workers Education Association, Inverness