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Assessment arrangements allow candidates who are disabled, and/or have been identified as having additional support needs, appropriate arrangements to ...
do when considering the provision of assessment arrangements for disabled ... Assessment arrangements allow candidates who are disabled, and/or have been .
Overview of quality assurance of assessment arrangement in centres. 1. Identify the ... Evidence to support the provision of assessment arrangements. 3. Quality ...
Assessment arrangements for candidates who have English as an ... assessments, with the exception of assessments in English, ESOL and the candidate's first.
Assessment arrangements for disabled candidates and information about using a bilingual translation dictionary.
Assessment Arrangements. Guide for Parents. By 'parent' we mean anyone who has parental responsibility for a child/young person. Do you know that if your ...
SQA Assessment Arrangements: Frequently Asked Questions. What are assessment arrangements? If your child is disabled or needs additional support, SQA ...
make an assessment arrangement for you when you take your exams and assessments. Assessment arrangements are available to give you an equal chance to ...
Seminar ? Assessment Arrangements for candidates with disabilities and/or additional support needs. 5. QA and Evidence Requirements. ? SQA unable to ...
need for any of these arrangements. 1. Can I use a ... can use a reader for your assessment. 4. Can I use a ... National Literacy Units: Quick Guide to Assessment .