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HNC/HND Electrical Engineering

HNC/HND Electrical Engineering

The HNC and HND Electrical Engineering awards develop the candidates’ ability to apply analysis and synthesis skills to the solution of electrical engineering problems and their knowledge, understanding and skills in a range of core electrical principles, electrical power systems, electrical machine principles and electrical safety at Higher National level.

The awards allow the candidate to achieve a degree of specialisation within the following areas:

In particular the HND allows the candidate to achieve a degree of specialisation within the following areas:

Candidate Information

The HNC/HND Electrical Engineering allows candidates to work towards meeting the educational requirements of recognition as electrical incorporated engineer. The qualification contains up-to-date and relevant electrical subject content and skills.

Qualification content and delivery tools

Arrangements Documents

Title: HNC/HND Electrical Engineering
Code: G7TA 15 and G7TC 16
Date: Version 08 (August 2013)
Download: HNC/HND Electrical Engineering Arrangements Document (468 KB)

Assessment Exemplars

LOGO: Europe and Scotland.

HN Assessment Exemplars

Your centre's SQA Co-ordinator will have access to these HN assessment exemplars on SQA's website. Please approach them for copies.

Title: Application of Electrical and Electronic Instruments
Unit Number: H03B 33
Code: H03B 33/AEX001
Edition: 1st Edition, March 2012
Title: Electrical Installation Design
Unit Number: FY7L 35
Code: FY7L 35/AEX001
Edition: 1st Edition, March 2012 
Title: Electrical Machine Principles
Unit Number: H01T 34
Code: H01T 34/AEX001
Edition: 1st Edition, March 2012
Title: Electrical Safety
Unit Number: H01V 34
Code: H01V 34/AEX001
Edition: 1st Edition, March 2012
Title: Electricity Power Systems
Unit Number: DN3W 34
Code: CB2843
Edition: 1st Edition, December 2005
Title: Fundamentals of Control Systems & Transducers
Unit Number: DN3Y 34
Code: CB2841
Edition: 1st Edition, September 2005
Title: HNC Electrical Engineering Graded Unit 1
Unit Number: DN3V 34
Code: CB2842
Edition: 1st Edition, May 2006
Title: Power Electronics
Unit Number: DN42 34
Code: CB4436
Edition: 1st Edition, August 2008
Title: Three Phase Systems
Unit Number: DN47 34
Code: CB2249
Edition: 1st Edition, June 2005
Title: Transformers
Unit Number: DN49 35
Code: CB2698
Edition: 1st Edition, January 2006
Title: Utilisation of Electrical Energy in Buildings
Unit Number: DN4A 35
Code: CB2696
Edition: 1st Edition, January 2006

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