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News for NQ Hospitality

Springboard Charity Scottish Initiatives

Springboard Charity have launched a virtual journey through a mythical Scottish village called The Nairnfeldy Discovery Trail. This course will take you on an interactive journey through the village of Nairnfeldy in the Highlands and aimed at S2-S3 students.

Springboard Charity are also launching a new Scottish schools competition in conjunction with Skills DS called 'Discover My Scotland - Hospitality Hero'.

Find out more and register

Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) - meat voucher scheme

QMS Logo

QMS will be running their meat voucher scheme again in session 2014/15. The voucher entitles your school up to £100 worth of red meat products from your local QMS affiliated butcher.

QMS have recently published a revised and updated ‘Chefs guide’, which offers both budding and professional chefs an insight into the whole Scottish production chain from farm gate to dinner plate. This resource is available free to all schools.

If you would like to take advantage of either or both of these generous offers, please contact Jennifer Robertson, Health and Education Coordinator by email on For more information on QMS’s services, please go to their website

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