Gaelic (Learners)

Gaelic and English signpostsSeparate Courses for fluent speakers and learners are offered, with those for fluent speakers entitled ‘Gàidhlig’.

Gaelic is a language central to the importance of Scottish cultural life. SQA's Gaelic (Learners) and Gàidhlig Courses offer candidates the opportunity to acquire or increase oral fluency and literacy in Gaelic.

Candidates also develop awareness of historical and contemporary aspects of the culture, ethos and environment of the Gaelic-speaking community.

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SQA Launches New Gaelic Qualification

The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) is launching twelve new Gaelic language qualifications at the Royal National Mòd in Stornoway.

These new free-standing qualifications, known as ‘Units’, cover the four key skills beginners need to develop to successfully learn a new language; speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Modern Languages for Work Purposes

Modern Languages for Work Purposes logoInformation on Modern Languages for Work Purposes Units can be found in the Modern Languages for Work Purposes subject page.

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