Mental Health CareHigher(C06G 12)


Course outline

This specialist Course at Higher is designed to develop candidates’ knowledge and understanding of factors influencing mental health and particular types of mental illness and in promoting positive mental health and well being. It will provide progression opportunities for candidates from the National Courses in Care and Care Issues for Society: Older People at Intermediate 2. In addition, it will allow candidates to broaden their knowledge and understanding of a particular area of care work and help prepare them to move into working in the care field or onto further study at a more advanced level, eg HNCs in Health Care, Social Care.

The Course content will enable candidates to:

  • develop knowledge and understanding of what is meant by mental health
  • develop knowledge and understanding of the different types of mental illness.

This Course comprises one mandatory Unit and two optional Units:

Mandatory Unit

DF6H 12 Understanding of Mental Health and Mental Illness (H) 2 credits (80 hours)

Optional Units

D10Y 12 Stress and Stress Management (H) 1 credit (40 hours)


D11A12 Caring for People with Dementia (H) 1 credit (40 hours)

Course assessment

In order to gain the award of the Course, candidates must pass the internal assessments associated with the component Units. In addition, candidates must meet the standards set out by the external assessment instrument.

The Course assessment is a project centred on an extended case study in which the candidate will investigate and report on the case study scenario.  The Course assessment integrates the knowledge and understanding gained in the individual Units.

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