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Support from SQA

SQA's website -

Our website contains extensive teaching and support resources and has areas dedicated to teachers and subject areas.  Please visit regularly to check on updates to your subject area.  You can bookmark areas you visit frequently.

Almost all our publications that are in the public domain can be downloaded free of charge from our website.

There is also a Website Updates page which lists new and updated pages.  This page is updated almost daily, and provides a quick method of checking what has changed in your specific subject area.

Business Development & Customer Support Team - 0303 333 0330

If you need to speak to a human voice about any aspect of SQA, call our Business Development & Customer Support Team.  Staffed by highly-trained Advisors, our Contact Centre can provide fast, accurate and reliable information.  Enquiries of a highly technical subject-specific nature will be referred to specialist staff.

SQA's Understanding Standards Website (USW)

This site is specifically for educational professionals in a range of subjects. Assessment principles are outlined and candidates' responses to questions and tasks are shown. Visitors to the site can submit judgements on these responses and compare them with those of experienced assessors. The teacher responsible for your subject should be able to help you obtain these materials.

SQA's Publications

Your SQA Co-ordinator or SQA's website should always be your first port of call for publications information.  Many publications can be downloaded free of charge; however, if you do wish to order a publication please call our Business Development & Customer Support Team.  A fee is charged for many publications (printed hard copies), and you will be asked for a school purchase order number or credit card details.  Delivery times vary, depending on stock availability, and will be confirmed to you when the order is placed.

National Assessment Back (NAB)

National Assessment Bank (NAB) packs can in general only be supplied to your SQA Co-ordinator. Most packs can be accessed online at our website. Your SQA Co-ordinator will know the username and password required to enter this secure part of SQA's website.

You can find out which NABs are available to download by viewing our regularly updated NABs Listing document. An updated version will be published online shortly. Meanwhile, you may be able to find NAB information for your subject area on the NQ subject-specific pages of SQA's website.

The Contact Centre is open Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 5.00pm.  E-mail enquiries can be made to

Customer Support

All enquiries should be chanelled through your centre's SQA Co-ordinator.