Physical EducationIntermediate 2(C205 11)

Physical Education

Course outline

The Intermediate 2 Physical Education Course has been designed to provide progression from both a General level award in Standard Grade Physical Education and from the Physical Education Course at Intermediate 1.

The Course provides the opportunity for personal challenge and fulfilment through improving performance while developing knowledge and understanding about performance. The Course is designed as a stepping stone towards the Physical Education Course offered at Higher and much of the work at this level relates very closely to the Higher Course but at a slightly less challenging level.

The Course comprises two mandatory Units, as follows:

DF2T 11 Performance (Int 2) 1.5 credits (60 hours)
DF2R 11 Analysis and Development of Performance (Int 2) 1.5 credits (60 hours)

The physical activities used in the Course should arise from a process of negotiation between staff and candidates. Negotiation should take account of the interests and talents of candidates, expertise of staff and available facilities and resources. In agreeing activities with candidates, staff must take account of managing assessment. To integrate work in the Course, it is recommended that the Performance and Analysis and Development of Performance Units are delivered concurrently. The Course provides candidates with the opportunity to study physical education at a challenging level and to develop critical and imaginative practice in order to achieve an understanding of performance and the ways in which it can be improved. Additional information on what is acceptable as a Course activity is given in Appendix 1 of the Arrangements documents - Definition of an Activity in the Context of a Course and a Unit.

Course assessment

Performance - candidates' performance will be internally assessed, with the dual purpose of determining both Unit achievement (pass/fail) and for a mark to contribute to the Course award. Performance will be assessed through the observation of live performance. For Course assessment, a candidate's mark should be based on performance in their two best activities. Candidates' performance in each of their two best activities is marked out of 20, giving a mark out of 40 for performance. Marks are awarded through comparing candidates' performance with the marking guidelines, the Performance mark scales (Appendix 2b of the Course Arrangements) and the Performance Course Grade Descriptions. Internal assessments will be subject to external verification. Details of procedures for verification will be issued separately. For each candidate, centres require to submit a mark for Performance (For submission dates, see NQ key dates contained on SQA Connect).

Question paper - candidates will be externally assessed by a written question paper comprising structured questions. The duration of the examination will be 2 hours. The question paper will be grouped into four sections corresponding to the four areas of Analysis and Development of Performance. These areas are:

  • Performance Appreciation
  • Preparation of the Body
  • Skills and Techniques
  • Structures, Strategies and Composition.

Candidates will be required to answer structured questions in three of the four sections of the paper. There are a total of 60 marks for the question paper.

For the overall Course assessment, both components (question paper and performance) are equally weighted.

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