The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF)

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The Scottish Credit and Qualifications
Framework (SCQF)

The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) is a new way of understanding qualifications in Scotland. Its main purpose is to make the relationships between qualifications clearer. This, in turn, will make progression and transfer between qualifications easier. 

The Framework describes all Scottish qualifications in terms of their level and credit value.

The SCQF is managed and developed by a partnership of national bodies, which includes SQA.

In diagram form the SCQF looks like this:

Levels in the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework
SQA National Units,
Courses and Group Awards
Higher Education SVQs SCQF
12   Doctorate   12
11   Masters SVQ 5 11
10   Honours degree
Graduate Diploma
9   Ordinary degree
Graduate Certificate
8   Higher National Diploma
Diploma in Higher Education
SVQ 4 8
7 Advanced Higher
Certificate in Higher Education
Higher National Certificate   7
6 Higher   SVQ 3 6
5 Intermediate 2
Credit Standard Grade
  SVQ 2 5
4 Intermediate 1
General Standard Grade<
  SVQ 1 4
3 Access 3
Foundation Standard Grade
2 Access 2     2
1 Access 1     1


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