To achieve an SVQ, a person has to gather evidence which proves that they can do what the SVQ standards say they have to be able to do. People do this in three stages: Assessment is the process of seeing whether a candidate has the skills they need to be awarded an SVQ. An assessor judges the evidence of a candidate's competence against the standards. The assessor is likely to be a supervisor or manager, or trainer. It is the assessor's role to: Once the candidate has generated and collected all their evidence, the assessor has to make one of three judgements: These are the only judgements the assessor can make. Final steps The final step in assessment is for the assessor to make a careful record of his or her judgement about the candidate's competence. All the evidence this judgement is based on will be preserved or recorded so that SQA can be sure the judgement is sound. SQA will then issue a certificate to say that the candidate has been awarded the SVQ.