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2016, National 5, Urdu All Question Papers, PDF (1.7MB). Select to download ... 2016, Higher, Urdu Listening Audio File, MP3 (13.1MB). Select to download H ...
... for Discontinued Higher Urdu. 8 papers found for Urdu, displaying all papers. ... Marking Instructions for Discontinued Higher Urdu. 7 papers found for Urdu, ...
N5SQ40/N5/02. Urdu. Writing. Date ? Not applicable. Duration ? 1 hour and 30 minutes. Fill in these boxes and read what is printed below. Full name of centre.
You will hear two items in Urdu. Before you hear each item, you will have one minute to study the questions. You will hear each item three times, with an interval ...
Urdu. Directed Writing. Fill in these boxes and read what is printed below. Full name of centre. Town. Forename(s). Surname. Number of seat. Day. Month. Year .
Invigilator; if you do not, you may lose all the marks for this paper. EP43/H/03. Urdu. Listening and Writing. Date ? Not applicable. Duration ? 1 hour. * EP43H03 ...
General Marking Principles for National 5 Urdu Reading. This information is provided to help you understand the general principles you must apply when.
[C242/SQP322] 1. C242/SQP322. Urdu. NATIONAL. Higher. QUALIFICATIONS. Contents. Page. Course Assessment Specification. 2. Assessment of Speaking.
Exemplar Question Papers for Higher Urdu. The Exemplar Question Paper and Marking Instructions have been developed to be used by centres and candidates  ...
You may use an Urdu dictionary. Additional space for answers is provided at the end of this booklet. If you use this space you must clearly identify the question ...