Step 7: Post-results service

A helpline for centres to query results on behalf of their candidates is available immediately after the issue of results.

Sometimes, an individual candidate's result in one or more subjects is lower than expected (ie poorer than the estimate). In such cases, where there is sound evidence to support the estimate, an appeal can be submitted by the centre for an improvement to the results. (For Standard Grade, appeals are made on an Element basis.) Unlike most other awarding bodies, where an appeal is based on a re-mark of the examination script, our appeal system is based on consideration of alternative, centre-generated, evidence of attainment.

Appeals are considered by teams of experienced examiners who are specialist subject teachers and lecturers. They are briefed by SQA staff before they begin the appeals procedure. The examiners first consider candidate materials (such as coursework, class tests, prelim exams) submitted by the school or college. If there is not enough evidence within these materials to support an upgrade to the award, the examiners will undertake a review of the candidates' examination scripts.

An appeal cannot be turned down until all this evidence has been considered. For a full explanation of the procedures, please refer to the Estimates, Absentees and Assessment Appeals Toolkit GRAPHIC: Web Link icon - accessing this link will open a new window..  In addition, notes of guidance for centres on the appeals process and on the preparation of evidence to support estimates and appeals can be found in our appeals section:

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