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Free ESOL Learning Support Materials

Free ESOL learning support materials are available for download from the ESOL pages of the secure website. The resources can be found on the same web page as the National Assessment Bank materials.  Access to the secure website is password protected. Please see your centre's SQA Co-ordinator for password details.

The resources consist of Teacher's Notes and Student Notes as well as Listening Support CDs. The CDs can be ordered on-line using the Listening Material order form. All resources are available from Access 2 to Higher to support the following Units:

Access 2

DV34 08 - Everyday Communication 
F1AD 08 - Transactional Contexts 
F1AE 08 - Work and Study-related Contexts 

Access 3

DV34 09 - Everyday Communication 
F1AD 09 - Transactional Contexts 
F1AE 09 - Work and Study-related Contexts

Intermediate 1

DV34 10 - Everyday Communication 
F1AD 10 - Transactional Contexts 
F1AE 10 - Work and Study-related Contexts

Intermediate 2

DV34 11 - Everyday Communication
DV36 11 - Study-related Contexts
DV35 11 - Work-related Contexts


DV34 12 - Everyday Communication 
DV36 12 - Study-related Contexts
DV35 12 - Work-related Contexts

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