Hairdressing Intermediate 2 (SCQF level 5)

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Structure of the Course

This Course is at Intermediate 2 and consists of 4 x 40 hour mandatory Units.

Mandatory Units:

Hairdressing: Working in a Salon Environment

1 Unit credit

Hairdressing: Salon Skills

1 Unit credit

Hairdressing: Introduction to Colour

1 Unit credit

Hairdressing: Creative Trends

1 Unit credit


Summary of Course content

The Course content provides a broad, experiential introduction to hairdressing.  The focus is on experiencing the salon environment and the development of vocational skills, knowledge and understanding.  Practical experience of general salon duties, reception skills, communication and customer care is included.  Specific skills in shampooing, conditioning, basic scalp massage, drying hair, colouring hair and cutting hair are developed.  Current fashion trends are identified from a variety of sources, with candidates having the opportunity to experiment to produce an image which reflects these trends.  Emphasis throughout all Units is on the employability skills and attitudes which will help to prepare candidates for the workplace.


Summary of content of each Unit


Assessment approaches

Assessment in this Course will be based mainly on a range of practical activities carried out in a salon environment.  Performance evidence will be supported by teacher/lecturer observation checklists and client record cards.  Candidates will also complete reviews of their employability skills and gather specified information in a folio.

Each Unit will be supported by a NAB (National Assessment Bank item) which will provide an assessment package and will exemplify the national standard.

Learning and Teaching Material

Learning and teaching material is being produced for each Unit, in partnership with the Scottish Further Education Unit (SFEU).  These are planned for electronic publication to support implementation in August 2008.  It is intended that a DVD will be produced by the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) to support the award, which will be in delivering centres by August 2008.

Placements, visits, work experience

While work placement in a real salon is not a requirement, it is essential that the Course is delivered in a hairdressing salon environment.  Links with local employers will be valuable.  Visits to a real, commercial salon will be of benefit to candidates as will the experience of visiting speakers.

Resource requirements

Centres will require hairdressing salon facilities for each of the Units in the Course.  This will include reception facilities as well as styling units, styling chairs, trolleys, back-wash basins and chairs.  The salon facility will need to be equipped with sufficient hairdressing equipment, tools and products which should include hand held and wall mounted driers, tongs, straighteners, brushes, combs, sectioning clips, pins, rollers, kirbies, a range of shampoos and conditioners, conditioning treatments, a selection of styling and finishing products, a range of permanent hair colour, hydrogen peroxide, a range of quasi-permanent hair colour, developer, gowns, towels and sterilising equipment to give candidates plenty of opportunity for practice and assessment. Mannequin heads will be required for the Hairdressing: Creative Trends Unit. Appropriate safe storage facilities will be needed for all equipment and materials. 

Personal protective clothing will be essential for all candidates.  This may include uniforms, aprons and gloves.  Centres should carry out risk assessments for all activities as required.


This Course may provide candidates with opportunities to progress to:

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Level: Intermediate 2
Code: C252 11
Edition: Second edition, August 2012
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