NQGA Conference 2008 - Introduction

A wide range of groups and organisations were represented by the 120 delegates participating in the National Qualification Group Awards (NQGA) annual conference.

The aims of the conference included:

The conference was opened by Gill Stewart, Depute Director, SQA who provided the background, the developments to date and the plans for the future of National Certificates/NPAs.

The key-note speaker was Jacqui Hepburn, Partnership Manager, Sector Skills Development Agency and her address focussed on the role of the Sector Skills Councils, the SfBn/SQA National Engagement Strategy and changes to the Skills for Business Network in Scotland.

Delegates at the conference also had the opportunity to participate in workshops and seminars which covered a range of topics that are important to the development and implementation of National Certificates/NPAs.  Topics included: partnership working, Curriculum for Excellence, developing assessment and support materials, Core Skills and other transferable skills, professional development for staff as well as an insight into the development of the National Certificate in Digital Media Computing.