Sector Skills Development Agency - towards skilling, upskilling and reskilling

Jacqui Hepburn, Partnership Manager,Jacqui Hepburn began her address by quoting from Skills from Scotland, A Lifelong Skills Strategy: A cohesive lifelong learning system centred upon the individual but responsive to employer needs.  She noted that the three priorities for Skills for Scotland were individual development, economic pull and cohesive structures.  Jacqui explained that the role of Sector Skills Councils (SSCs) was to develop proper engagement, deliver sectoral Labour Market Intelligence, ensure that employers are involved in the design and development of qualifications and to maintain strong partnership with key players.  Delegates were also provided with an update on the changes to the Skills for Business Network in Scotland including information on the closure of the Sector Skills Development Agency (SSDA) on 31 March 2008.  Jacqui explained how the functions of the SSDA would be transferred to the new Commission for Employment and Skills and the Alliance of Sector Skills Councils.

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