How can we support, develop and share Core Skills and other transferable skills with students?

Margaret Tierney, Project Manager, SQA facilitated this workshop which explored, through some entertaining activities, what are the Core Skills and which other transferable skills can also be considered as being critical to the success of NQGAs. 

Delegates were informed of the support that is given by SQA for Core Skills which includes:


Discussion ensued with regard to how much of this support is shared with learners.  It was noted that although the importance of Core Skills and other transferable skills is not disputed, there is a necessary lack of resources, within centres, to deliver them.

Delegates found the workshop informative and there were a number of questions relating to how Core Skills are being developed across the various sectors in a way that learners are aware they are developing their Core Skills and the benefits in doing so.

Discussion also centred around what skills other than the main five Core Skills are considered to be essential for today's learners.  These discussions were captured as follows:

Core and Essential Skills


Links to session 1 powerpoint presentation - Core Skills (678 KB) GRAPHIC: powerpoint presentation icon.