Qualifications for the Future: Curriculum for Excellence Update

John Allan, Project Manager, and James McVittie, Senior Consultant, SQA led this seminar which was designed to:

John and James spoke about the likely scope of the consultation process and gave an overview of the possible options, namely:

Qualifications for the Future: Curriculum for Excellence Update They also provided an update on the wider achievement strand of work which was being led by LTS, indicating that this work was likely to be taken forward through action research projects designed to develop guidance materials and exemplification of good practice. 

Following a brief question and answered session, John and James reminded delegates of some of the main principles underpinning assessment within CfE, namely:

Examples of current qualifications which matched these principles included:

Delegates were then invited to contribute to thinking by attaching post-it notes to flip charts, under the following headings:

Delegates found the seminar informative and there were a number of questions relating to the likely date for the formal consultation process to begin and its scope and nature.

Discussion also centred around ways in which centres were beginning to plan their curriculum in response to CfE curriculum architecture and ways in which assessment and qualifications might support this.

Link to session 2 powerpoint presentation - Qualifications for the future (108 KB) GRAPHIC: powerpoint presentation icon.